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  • Unlike the competition, we don’t always offer “top quality”... unless you request it! In which case, we deliver it!

Our Services

A technical translation is a professional service which uses technologies and skills to transfer data from one language to another. When buying a technical translation you need to ask yourself: “which data do I want to bring to my customer/counterpart’s attention?”

Cross-Language Communication Services

TheForeignFriend  is the first company structured to offer cross-language services, tailored to the different needs of our customers: from automated, computer-generated translations to foreign language texts written by native copywriters!
Like others we aim for the top, but unlike others we can handle also the bottom in a professional manner and have learned to identify and mix the skills of the people we recruit.  Everyone will promise top quality, in order to drive sales and push prices higher! But a customer might not require top quality, especially if it comes with a top price tag!

For example, if you had to find someone to handwrite a single page who would you really need?
Someone with two master’s degrees and an hefty price tag, or just a student with nice handwriting? Similarly, if you had to introduce your company to a potential German customer, could you really entrust your translation to your best Italian-native employee - who is not German mother-tongue, is not familiar with either German business mentality or  the basic rules of translation, and has no vested interest in it as it’s a ”favor”, not his job?

You are much better off looking for  alternatives which may not necessarily be more expensive
- just much would it cost to reprint erroneously translated materials, AdWords campaigns that were not converted, or even compensatory damages to those who received incorrectly translated instructions manuals? These add up quick!

This is what TFF offers
: you choose which data from the original text must be delivered and its relevant intensity; we will then gather and lead a team of professionals who are able to understand, communicate, convince and even get your target audience excited about it!

The cost?
Our prices are fair and objective. What allows us to be truly competitive is that we don’t have any translators on our payroll (that we should use on every text regardless of their real skills) or fancy offices with impossible price tags...all things you would end up paying for.

Don’t get us wrong, though: we don’t encourage you to go “cheap!”
We know that some translation services only come at a certain price, and will not advise you to go lower lower (although anything is possible)! We have optimized our structure to minimize our overhead on your budget, and offer a world of advantages to the professionals we work with in order to motivate them to give their best; but we do know that the best motivator for a service provider is the budget you are willing to offer... Translators are human beings, with families and careers to think of: always ask yourself how much of your own time, passion, skills and commitment you would provide to someone who barely pays you at minimum wage. This is what you are likely to get in return, regardless of the easy promises you will be offered from most promotional texts.

With us, you decide which service options best meet your needs...
Our dedicated Customer Manager will gladly provide all the information and advice you may need to decide, including a free quote, within a few hours...

If you handle large volumes (above 500,000 words/year) let us know when you call: we can arrange to provide custom-tailored services, put together a team of professionals and negotiate  special conditions for your orders!