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Online Translation Agency

Our online translation agency covers the world, since it is Web-based.

The Foreign Friend translation society was started in 2007 when an Expert Translator and a Senior Customer Manager joined forces to build an online translation agency that can offer professional translation services tailored to customers’ requirements.

Our headquarters are in Italy.

But the true core of our online translation agency is in the Internet, where our proprietary web teamworking platform brings together 5 Project Directors, 25 Project Managers, 16 Account Managers and roughly 3,500 Translators and Copywriters from all over the world, leveraging every day powerful synergies that meet our customers requirements consistently and in a timely manner.

We chose “The Foreign Friend” because this name reflects the ideas on which our online translation agencyis based:

  • The knowledge of foreign languages, in the broadest sense: not only the grammar, but also the culture, the habits, the likes and dislikes of the people who have adopted it, as well as the technicalities of the jargon (legalese, medical, etc.) specific to that language.
  • Friendship and therefore the transparency, truthfulness, and the passion which mark the way we work. Not all translations are equivalent: a customer may just need to know the meaning of a text and in this case he doesn’t have to bear the cost of a high-quality translation or, on the contrary, he may need a texts perfectly readapted to the mindset, in addition to the language of a population, so he needs expert professionals! As a good friend, The Foreign Friend meets the needs of customers with different efficient solutions.
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