Our purpose?

Meeting the ACTUAL needs of the customer!

The mission of our translation agency

Translation provider who shows its technological heart

The Foreign Friend is a translation agency committed to provide translation services that are professional, reliable, affordable, and customized.

Professional – Our revolutionary recruiting strategy gives us access to 6 different professional skill levels (Student, Junior, Intermediate, Senior, Expert and Copywriter), in order to guarantee the professional level the customer needs.

Reliable – Our innovative web teamworking platform creates powerful synergies and overcomes the outdated industry standards that expect translators to compete against each other.

Affordable – Soul, our powerful, in-house developed management software, allows us to standardize processes and cut down on production costs, to the advantage of the final price.

Customizable – Based on the requirements, the customer is free to choose, for example opting for a Student in case of a simple, and low cost, translation of the mere words, a Senior to achieve a smooth conversion of the syntactic structure, or a Copywriter to render communications effectively in different languages or cultures.

Friendly – We believe that the translation must fit the needs of the customer – not the other way around! If the customer just needs to understand the meaning of a text, he should not be forced to bear the cost of a standard translation, as well as a customer who needs a very technical translation or a complex stylistic adaptation should not be forced to settle for a standard translation.

Clear – We also believe that customers should not be led to think that a “second edition” is a quality assurance – when it’s just a trick that allows the agency to use translators of suitable level only if the customer knows the language and can contest the translation.

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