Professionalism, collaboration and diversity!

The values of our translation agency

Translation agency with values that overcome the outdated EN15038:2006 standard.

In our translation agency we believe in the value of professionalism.

Building professionalism requires time, sacrifice, work, passion, competence, and often also help from good examples.

It is a great value, which The Foreign Friend strives to preserve and support, because our identity is based on it.

In order to bring the professional offer as close as possible to the corresponding demand, we have built services that are executed exclusively by Senior and Expert professionals, while cutting down on fixed costs in our own organization – reducing the prices of what would otherwise be very expensive services.

In our translation agency we believe in the value of collaboration.

We believe that strong collaboration does not just add up the strengths of the translators’ team – it multiplies them.

To this purpose we have invested enormous resources in the development of a proprietary web-teamworking platform, in which professionals working thousands of kilometers from each other can share analyses, doubts, and solutions – overcoming the limitations of the outdated EN15038 standard which keeps translator and reviewer uncoordinated and often competing against each other.

In our translation agency we believe in the value of diversity.

By building long distances between people, diversity pushes all of us to move away from our individual point of view to start on a journey that will enrich us at every step.

Translating is a way to start on this journey, made of attention to the several details that characterized the distance between cultures, mentalities and habits of two different populations.

Respect for diversities means using different approaches according to the needs of our customers: for example, literal translations, adaptations, cheap translations and specialized translations required all different strategies.

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