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Do you want to know how much do the translation and post-translation services you are looking for cost?
Thanks to our tool for “Translation quote” you don’t have to fill out long forms, send us files and wait to be called back. It takes just 1 click to know the cost of the translation services you are looking for.


Choose the language combinations (by clicking on the icon “+” or on the item “show more”) and indicate the approximative amount of words that your text contains (if you don’t know how to do it, click on the icon “?”), then click on “Show results” to know the costs of the service you need.

1. Set language and volume

Specify the number of words contained in your text and in which languages you want to translate it.

2. Find out the standard costs

Evaluate features, costs and delivery times of each type of service.

3. Customize your quote

Send us the material and specify all your preferences. In a few hours, you will receive a quotation tailored to your needs!

Once you have an idea on the potential costs of your service and chosen the best one for you, click on the button “Customize this automatic quotation” to go from the automatic quotation to the tailored one: in this way, you will be able to send us the material and specify all your preferences – for example, your budget, the start and end dates, specific instructions, the choice of the online translators you like the most, etc.


One of our Project Managers will examine carefully your texts, identifying possible critical factors and defining the ideal custom approach for you. In a few hours you will receive a – free and not binding – quotation tailored to your needs.



The convenience of an automatic quote,
the completeness of a customized quote!

This mobile form takes note of everything the client may need to produce a fully customized translation quote

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