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The Foreign Friend covers all the languages and cultures of the world in order to produce a perfect multilingual translation

The secret of a perfect multilingual translation is the unbounded passion that The Foreign Friend has for all the languages and cultures of the world

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The benefits of a Multilingual Translation

A multilingual translation is able to accede to different addresses at the same time, with the chance to multiply the number of customers.

In fact, each language has its own target population, which has to be evaluated in every aspect, like the number of native speakers, the number of Internet users, the number and the rank of countries where that language is spoken, its world ranking, the purchasing power per capita of the population which uses that language and so on.
For example, Internet users who speak German are less than Chinese users, but the former have an online purchasing power higher than the latter. This topic should be examined in depth by taking into account the goods or the services that attracted the most a specific population (for example, the United Arab Emirates are interested in luxury and fashion, while Germany in engineering and wine and food, etc.).
Have a look at some of the language combinations that may interest you:

Multilingual Translation in more than 50 language combinations:

A multilingual translation differs from translations with only one language combination, due to the management of many teams and translation processes at the same time. It’s not just a matter of multiplying an activity for the number of languages the customer chose, but it’s necessary to develop ad hoc approaches for every single language combination.

For example, the translation of a text from Italian to Arabic – that is an RTF language, written from right to left – will include a new layout at the end of the translation process. This is also true of just German translations, where words are 30% longer than the English ones and may come out from the original spaces, like bar charts, figures, captions and so on. In other cases, like translations for China, there may be the need to change the design and the colors, in order adapt them to the chromatic conventions of that country. In addition, the customer may be not interested in translating some contents of a language, but he prefer them to be translated in other languages.

Actually, each language has its own features and needs which are often very different, even between variants of the same language: for example, Portuguese is the official language of Brazil and Portugal and there are many differences between Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese spoken in Portugal. The secret of an effective multilingual translation lies in the affinity and the familiarity with the culture and the population that use it.

Being a native speaker is a fundamental requirement, but it’s not enough: depending on the type of translation (web site, brochure, contract, etc.) and the jargon (legalese, marketing, financial, etc.), you have to trust only in linguists with the right skills and a professional background.

The Foreign Friend recruited a team of about 3,500 professional translators who reside in their native countries, so we are able to produce translation in more than 50 language combinations. For example:

Afrikaans Chinese German Kirghiz Persian Tagalog
Albanian Croatian Greek Korean Polish Tajik
Arabic Czech Haitian Latin Portuguese Tatar
Armenian Danish Hindi Latvian Romanian Thai
Azerbaijani Dutch Hungarian Lithuanian Russian Turkish
Bashkir English Icelandic Macedoni Serbian Ukrainian
Basque Estonian Indonesian Malagasy Slovak Urdu
Belarusian Finnish Irish Malay Slovenian Uzbek
Bosnian French Italian Maltese Spanish Vietnamese
Bulgarian Galician Japanese Mongolian Swahili Welsh
Catalan Georgian Kazakh Norwegian Swedish

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In quali lingue devi tradurre?

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Ogni lingua ha le sue particolarità

Collaboriamo esclusivamente con professionisti madrelingua,
per garantire traduzioni multilingue di eccellente qualità!

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Tutta la nostra esperienza al tuo servizio

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Ben 6 diversi livelli di traduttori
I traduttori professionisti possono garantire maggiore qualità al crescere delle loro competenze
Per offrire traduzioni professionali un’agenzia di traduzione deve disporre di specifiche competenze al suo interno di tipo medico, legale, turistico, finanziario.
Oltre 20 settori di specializzazione
Le traduzioni tecniche impongono alle agenzie di traduzione di gestire ogni ambiente di produzione in modo diverso a seconda che si tratti di una traduzione giurata, un curriculum, un manuale o un sito web.
Oltre 10 diversi ambienti di produzione
The Foreign Friend controlla, corregge e rifinisce le traduzioni già eseguite da te o da altre agenzie di traduzione o traduttori professionisti
Controllo, correzione e rifinitura di traduzioni già eseguite
Ampia scelta di servizi di traduzione accessori ed extra
Un mondo di servizi a tua disposizione

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Perché scegliere noi?

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Traduzioni professionali e amicizia

Scopri tutti i vantaggi che ci rendono unici, perché solo un amico può offrirli!




Costi e tempi





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Quanto costa?

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Scopriamolo insieme!

Preventivo traduzioni on-line, semplice, immediato e…personalizzabile.


1. Scegli lingue e volume

Indica da quante parole è composto all’incirca il tuo testo e in quali lingue vorresti tradurlo.


2. Scopri i costi medi e scegli il traduttore

Valuta qualità, costi e tempi di consegna dei vari tipi di traduttore, per decidere a chi affidare il tuo testo.


3. Personalizza la tua richiesta di preventivo

Inviaci il materiale indicandoci le tue preferenze di costo, consegna, qualità, ecc. In poche ore riceverai un preventivo realizzato su misura delle tue esigenze!

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