The Foreign Friend safeguard the privacy of your information in all its translation services.Privacy in professional translations

How do we safeguard privacy in our professional translations?

First of all we protect communications with our servers through an advanced cryptosystem. The green writing on the address bar of the browser shows that the https communication protocol is active: every single bit that goes from and to our servers is encrypted, so that it cannot be intercepted.

In terms of administration, we send the information we receive only to people we trust in. We will be very clear on this: no one can read a single word of the material that our customers sent us unless they sign first a strict non disclosure agreement. We can evaluate the need for any additional information confidentiality agreements together for any specific job.

To prevent security risks, we hardly ever allow the documents we manage to leave our servers. TFF is one of the few agencies in the world that will never send – except in very special cases – copies of documents by e-mail. On the contrary, we use software that allows our external resources to work on the text stored on our servers directly, so that the job can start and finish without ever leaving our premises! In this way no-one besides us will have a copy of your document!

This is also true of Glossaries and Translation Memories, which are stored on our servers and will always be there, ready to be consulted but not copied or otherwise stolen. Today translation memories may be sold or shared on the Web, so that the work a company paid for can easily end up being available to its competitors – who may benefit from it for free!

These are only some of our security measures – the ones we can share on the Internet without compromising the overall system that safeguards the privacy of the information we manage in behalf of our customers. If you have specific questions or you need additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Manager!