(not) standard based translations!


TheForeignFriend - (not) standard based translations! Unlike standard agencies, we do not merely offer “translations”, but “translation services”. That’s why we feel compliance to a single standard - usually UNI EN15038 established in 2006 for translations - is limiting. We strictly adhere to it, but only when it truly applies. Our experience taught us that our customers’ needs are often too diverse and dynamic to be efficiently addressed by a single standard, which would require us to have the text translated by a professional translator, reviewed by another translator and, if possible, reviewed again by a third person. For example:

  • Why should a customer spend so much if he is only interested in understanding the e-mail he just received? That’s why we offer the Automatic Translation.
  • And when the machine can not make sense out of the text, why not offer the customer an alternative, also at a good price, and allow a student or a fresh graduate to get some hands-on practice? That’s why we offer the Draft Translation.
  • Why then, if quality is neither the foremost or least of the goals should the customer not be given the opportunity of having his texts translated by professionals who are not "top" or "bottom" rank? That’s why we offer the Basic Translation.
  • Nonetheless, customer who wants a professional translation should be able to access a measured concept of professionalism, without running into the well-known “experienced native speaker professional”, who in reality might have only 2 years of part-time experience. A 20-year veteran is likely to achieve far better results! That’s why we offer the Professional Translation.
  • What if the text to be translated is a contract? A specifications document? A medical report? Why limit yourself to the “specialist review on-demand” as per the standard, when the same translation could be assigned to (former) lawyers, engineers, doctors? Recruiting them is not as easy, but we can do it! That’s why we offer the Specialist Translation.
  • If a company is structured to offer competitive prices, it will always have to reject the most qualified résumés and will never develop the most advanced project management skills... And yet there are customers looking for the most faithful translation, the full mastery of the terms, an easy style, the best approach... Since they are looking for the best, why not give them the best? That’s why we offer the High Quality Translation.
  • How about those cases in which a translation faithful to the original text would be ineffective or even offend the targeted foreign audience? That’s why we offer the TransCreation.
  • For all other specific needs, why force our customers into an approach that would not fit? Just to be faithful to a standard? We'd rather be faithful to our customers... Just like a real friend! That’s why we offer the Custom Translation.

Can TheForeignFriend speak to Persians as well?
If you mean the cats' breed, the answer is no, we can't understand feline nor will we look for someone who can translate it. Cat jokes aside, our services include all major languages (Italian, English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Arab, Chinese, Japanese, etc.). Besides, our recruiting system allows us to reach anywhere in the world to find the right people for you and, most importantly, we evaluate their capabilities.


Can TheForeignFriend translate also tattoos?
Yes. But only if the right translator is available when you contact us and you follow our suggestion: High Quality Translation or nothing! When we are not busy with tattoos, we work on legal, financial, medical, commercial, scientific translations (you can find the complete list in our online quote form or you can click here).