(not) standard based translations!


TransCreation Service“So, a German, French and Englishman...” Wanna bet that if you translate it (without adapting it a bit) the German won’t laugh?”

Some translations truly seem like teen-age dramas: to pull them out of their shell one must disregard cultural restraints, grammatical rules, syntax, pauses and sometimes, even the original text! This is when TransCreation comes into the picture: it is a service that thinks out of the box, essential for anyone that wants to impress the audience and not the speakers!

Insiders know that a perfect translation goes undetected: no-one would believe it was written in a different language.  This is the principle TransCreation operates by and strives to transcend: the text is not merely “written”, it “speaks” in another language.

This can only be achieved through:

Our team analysis
, performed at a much deeper level than the simple syntax and terms; what matters is not what the author said but what he meant to say and why! In other words, one must scrutinize the intention and objective of the text, not merely the content.

A work process completely detached from the syntax used by the author and hence capable of stepping into the shoes of the addressee: “which words, pauses would turn him on (or off!) and make him not listen, but believe the content?

A blend of professionals that includes creative copy-writers...mother tongue no less!

An expert leader (senior Project Manager) who can properly mix the ingredients of this gourmet recipe and involve the client in the creative process whenever  needed.

A state of the art information sharing technology to ensure control of each step of the process: we are after all dealing with rebel teens who must be given the freedom to express themselves and gently reined in to ensure their safety!

If you want to transform your text into something of truly extraordinary appeal, let our customer manager know, and he’ll gladly provide anything you need to get started, including an estimate free of charge!