Everybody else: “We employ only qualified native speaking professionals”...
Does anyone wonder:“What’s a professional?” and “Qualified…how?”

Professional Translation

Professional Translation ServiceMany believe that “professional translator” means someone whose profession is translations. We rather means someone who translates professionally - and, of course, we measure the quality!

What is it?
For us, a translation is “Professional” when delivered by a translator whom, as later explained, has the education and hands-on work experience suitable to ensure they know exactly what they need to do and how. Since it’s true that  “two pairs of eyes are better than one”, a more experienced translator reviews the text before delivery.

Who can do it?

An intermediate (or higher!) translator. This would be a native speaker with a university degree with no less than 4 consecutive years of full time experience, carefully verified by TFF, whose education and professional background closely fit the topic of the translation. We must point out that, in the interest of our customer, TFF carefully reviews everything the translator has delivered so far in his career. Among other things, we check his professional reputation and look for the following traits: precision, reliability, timeliness, research skills, mastery of the target language grammar and terms, business ethics, and all other tools of the trade required at this stage of his career. Excellence will come with time.
The review (normally in real time) is assigned to a senior translator (with at least 10 years of experience), who is available to support the translator during his work.
The process involves another key individual: the Senior Project Manager, who carefully analyzes the assignment to find the best approach, identifies critical sections, and subsequently supports the efforts of his peers through the process.
We can arrange to assign longer projects to a dedicated workgroup.

When do you need it?

Texts destined for general distribution not requiring excellent style or an impeccable translation (such as,technical documentation, instruction manuals, executive level business correspondence, etc.

When do you not need it?

Whenever the text contains extremely technical expressions (see Specialist Translations) or its audience expects a superior level of style.