The absolute imperative: the text must be written
by a Senior translator!

High Quality Translation

High Quality Translation ServiceA good translation can be improved, but only an excellent translation can be made perfect! If it’s got to be “right”, start by giving it to those who can do it well...the first time!

What is it?
The best of our best besides the slightly different TransCreation. For this one, cutting-edge processes and Star translators will be unleashed and shine in all their glory! If you want to truly impress your audience through your texts, this is the one for you!

Who can do it?

The absolute imperative: the text is written by a Senior translator, such as a native with at least 10 consecutive years full time experience translating texts on topics similar those of the assignment, and a pertinent education. TheForeignFriend carefully considers the education and translation background as well as the professional reputation built by those slated to work on these assignments (and it better be good!).

Let’s be clear: the best results can only be achieved when a true expert writes the text right off the bet. If the style is not properly targeted to fit the audience and the context, corrections will not help. The text needs to be re-written, and no senior translator wants to re-translate something he’s only being paid to review... The end result? A jury-rigged, patched-up job. Frankly these are so blatant you should not dare trust anyone who says otherwise!

The text is then reviewed by another professional that meets the criteria defined by Project Manager’s initial review.
We normally recommend preparing a glossary and a style guide that the customer can either provide upfront or approve during the course of the work.

When do you need it?

Whenever the original text needs to be faithfully reproduced, without even a “hint” of its having been translated.
Business correspondence, Company presentations, brochures, sales/marketing rep. materials, web sites, and anything else that requires a top quality translation to make an immediate, lasting impression on the audience!

When do you not need it?

Any time you’re sure you won’t regret sacrificing excellence to save a few bucks.