Which data do you want to get across to the reader?
“Only the general meaning”

Draft Translation

Draft Translation ServiceDid the automated translator fail you? Are you on a very tight budget? Is it a “for your eyes only” translation? Here is the right solution for you!

What is it?
A translation that should not be distributed, because it is intended only to outline the general meaning of text and cannot, due to the nuances and lexical complexities of the language itself, be handled by automated translators The lowest possible price for a human translation, but no guarantees on the quality of the translated text.

Who can do it?

The translation is assigned to young people who are about to receive their university degree in language studies - or have just received it. We choose only native speaking students with proven university experience on the subject of the text.
The assignment offers the future professional an opportunity to put years of study into practice, and to approach the world of professional translation with the assistance of our platform and of the network of senior translators behind it.
The service is thus provided by someone who knows the theory, but has not yet mastered the practice.
Being a low cost service means that the translation is checked automatically and not subject to a senior’s review prior to consignment.

When do you need it?

Whenever low cost is a priority and the text is not meant for distribution.

When do you not need it?

When you want others to fully understand all the connotations and nuances of your message, as form and content are equally important.