Which data do you want to get across to the reader?
The bare minimum!

Basic Translation

Basic Translation ServiceA junior translator cannot match the quality and style of a senior colleague... but will be less expensive!

What is it?
We call this service  “Basic” because it is meant to provide the “bare minimum”: minimum cost first of all, but also minimum experience, minimum complexity, minimum checks...
Basic translation is the best choice when a tight budget curtails all other service options, but does require some compromises. It should however be avoided when crystal clear  communication is a key priority, or when the complexity of the text itself requires extreme accuracy.

Who can do it?

A junior translator, such as a native speaker with a university degree pertinent to the topic in question and 1-3 years full time experience translating similar assignments.
A junior translator already knows the basic “dos and don’ts” that most affect the quality of the translation.
This is our most basic level of service, which involves only automated checks of the translation to minimize its relative cost.
For greater peace of mind in terms of form and  accuracy, we can have a senior translator review and “clean up” your translation to ensure it is absolutely flawless.

When do you need it?

Whenever you, your assistant, or your relative who lived abroad may know just enough  English to translate the text, but your gut tells you it may not be “good enough”!

When do you not need it?

Whenever you realize that your, your assistant, or your relative who lived abroad do not know English well enough to translate what you need.