...Meet the Parents...


  • Renato Renno | Ceo and Project Director
    He is your typical Aquarius! Growing up he will get a degree in law cum laude, and will be a lawyer - splitting his time between being in court, writing contracts, summons, and arraignments - till the day he realized his necktie is chocking him and final arguments are not enough to satisfy his innate passion for communication. And so, he will start his long journey in the world of crosslanguages communication, first as a translator and then as a Project Manager and Team Leader, nursing at the same time his passion for technology, thanks to which he will work with almost every TM- and MT-based aided translation environment, later becoming a trainer of the essential tools.

    He will design SOUL and measure out the ingredients in each service!

  • Cristina Valentinetti | Senior Account Manager
    Empathy personified! She will work for a long time in the tourism sector, travelling and getting acquainted with widely different places, cultures, and people! Her path will turn out to be centripetal: she will get her start in a huge company, Valtur spa (“coordinator of bookings for Valtur Casa” and then “VIP Client account manager”), and subsequently will focus within a smaller firm, SwanTour spa, (where she will join the sales team, but soon after will invent, staff, and manage the customer service division); and her longtime search for a truly personal dimension will eventually drive her, a few years after Alice is born, to “start back from square one”, as founder of TheForeignFriend.

    She will come up with the idea of organizing procedures and services in such a way that customers will always - and only - get what they truly need!