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What are we good at?

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What does TheForeignFriend do? Communications!
Oh? That's a bit vague don't you think? Well, that's what they call it. Is it not ironic that  the term "communications" does not "communicate"? A structured approach is probably better…
Let’s start with the file formats you can send us:
We can work with the following file types without modifying their structure (tags, layout, etc.): send us an “HMTL” file with text written in “English” and we will send back to you the same HTML file with text written in “French”.
The markup code (xml, html, php, etc.) is isolated and protected, so that only content relevant to the end user (whether a human being or a search engine) is processed.
Certain file types – such as PDF – and specific processes like converting Left-To-Right (LTR) languages – such as English – to Right-To-Left (RTF) languages – such as Arabic – may require  adapting the layout; should this be the case, we will discuss it with you before doing anything with it. If the document to be translated is not in the above table, give us a call (or schedule a call back): we add new import filters just about every three months!...And let’s not forget about faxes, that we welcome!

Maybe you wanted to know the languages we work with?
Once again, you'll find the complete list in our online quote request form, which provides you with all the languages and sub-languages your foreign friend can interpret on your behalf.

Now, what topics do we translate most often?
A very wide variety and truly too many to list here;  all of the main topics and their relative sub-categories can be found on our online quote request form. Here is a small just a summary:

And finally, as far as the type of projects we quote and handle on a daily basis:
These are truly impossible to define individually as they range from tattoos (yes, really, and we did the job right!) to translating certain sections of the Bible into the obscure dialect of Naples (quite a challenge that, unfortunately, we did not get to take on).